Costumes by Lindsey Holmes

We’re pleased to announce that we’ll be showing a few curated costumes from leading historical costumer Lindsey Holmes during our conference. Inspired by the theme of “Difficult Women”, Lindsey will present us with a few of her creations!


Here is her artist statement:

In our little studio, nestled on the edge of the Cambridgeshire Fens, we busy ourselves making costumes. Sometimes the costumes we make are hand stitched, historically accurate replicas from a bygone era, which bring the past back to life, stitch by stitch. Sometimes we create something completely new and a little bit strange, mixing fact and fiction to create costumes which push the boundaries of the imagination; and sometimes we make machine washable, flexible fit, quick-change, near indestructible costumes, which are both practical and beautiful. Wherever our needle takes us, the outcome is always made to the highest quality and designed to meet your specific needs.

As well as providing costumes for performance, display, dress up and educational handling, we can also provide bespoke lectures and practical workshops. We can cater for all ages and abilities and deliver on site, in your own venue. Our lectures share the journeys others have taken while following their own needle. Our practical workshops encourage new and experienced sewers to explore the world of costume and textile skills, covering a broad range of historical periods and themes. We believe exploring the world through costume really is the best way to see it. To find out more get in touch (pith helmet optional).


See more of Lindsey’s work on Flickr!


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